Why Schools Should Use A Student Enrolment Management System

Once again, the start of a new school year might be frantic for you and your staff as you get ready to handle the first week of student enrolment. Your time and attention will be heavily consumed by the student enrolments (both new and re-enrolments). It could be time to simplify things if your traditional management system doesn’t offer a straightforward registration process for students. If you’re seeking to upgrade your enrolment management system this year, keep the following points in mind:
  • Flexibility
  • Easy of use
  • Continuity and accuracy
Is the start of your school year being made easier or more stressful by your enrolment management system?

Challenges of Student Enrolment

Enrolling students is a process of creating their profile and preparing documents to attend a school or college. There are numerous difficulties with student enrolment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic for both students and colleges. Student enrolment has declined significantly for the past two years but schools are expecting a positive start to 2023.

Challenge 1 – The enormous amount of paperwork required

The amount of paperwork that needs to be managed is staggering, despite the fact that you may have the advantage of a well-devised admissions procedure. A new enrolment needs the following things, among other things:
  • Age verification (birth certificate or passport)
  • Evidence of residence
  • Medical records (hearing, vision, dental, and immunization records)
  • Evidence of guardianship in law
  • Various academic records (if transferring from another school)
Without getting into too much detail, simply consider how long it would take to individually upload each of those papers and provide the required data. In some procedures, the parents are additionally required to print and complete additional forms. An enrolment management system helps in excluding these challenges by making things online and allowing the management of all the data in one place.

Challenge 2 – Parents find the admission process difficult

The anticipation of a new school year may soon turn into an annoyance for parents when they learn how much documentation they need to collect and upload in order to enroll their child in classes. It’s fantastic to give parents the choice to upload all of their papers themselves whenever it’s convenient for them, but it won’t matter if they don’t know how to use your system in the first place. A parent will waste time phoning the school, asking questions, and having to redo what they have already spent a lot of time on if they don’t submit the documents correctly. This is frustrating. If your admissions procedure is difficult for parents to use, it will directly impact the staff as well. When their time would be better spent enrolling children and preparing for the new school year, they will end up spending extra time educating the parents on how to upload documentation, fixing the errors, and generally doing damage control.

Challenge 3 – A pile of other administrative duties for the staff

Enrollment is only one aspect of the beginning of a new year for school staff. Other duties include, but are not restricted to, hiring new teachers, setting up a new professional development plan, and ensuring the food service and cleaning personnel have all they need. Inventory management and other documentation outside the campus. It’s important to ensure everything runs properly in each department, including admissions, as administrators have a lot of personnel to manage. Although enrolment is a major task, it shouldn’t present any additional difficulties for your staff or parents as the new school year gets underway. If you want a simpler enrolment procedure and are having trouble with your current admissions system, an all-in-one school management system like SmartStudent App might be the solution.

Benefits of using an advanced student enrolment system

One of the most crucial tasks for student management, which also includes managing student admissions, is eased by a student enrolment system. Any school’s admissions procedure is its foundation and it also supports its revenue. Let’s discuss the advantages of using an advanced student enrolment system:

1. Save Time

Using an all-in-one online platform spares administrators from having to dig through crowded filing cabinets each time they need to retrieve a single application by giving them quick access to many enrolment applications at once. This them more time to meet and greet families as they register students for the new year.

2. Easy to Use

It’s great when parents can enroll their kids on their own time at a time that’s convenient for them thanks to the process being made simpler with a user-friendly platform. A school management system usually possesses all these admission and fee management features.

3. Customizable

Nowadays, a lot of systems allow for flexible multi-stage workflows. This makes it possible to personalize forms for each user who is logged into the portal whether it be a parent, a student, or a staff member. A system that is adaptable enables you to set it up for various needs while keeping all of the information input in one place. You may talk to system providers for any customization as per your school enrolment needs as well. Looking for a school management system that effectively fulfills your school’s administrative and management needs? Book a free demo of our SmartStudent App.

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