Smart Bus - An Advanced School Bus Tracking App

Track real-time movements of the school bus and get emergency notifications to enhance student safety and prevent stressful situations.

About Smart Bus

Smart Bus Tracking Solution

Smart Bus gives parents, students and school staff the ability to track accurately the location of their school service vehicles. Track the school bus in real-time, access driver details and bus route from school to home or vice versa. It ensures safety for the students throughout transportation and helps management track a variety of factors, such as the number of students onboard, each student's information, the pick-up and drop-off times, the location, etc.

  • GPS-enabled
  • Live Tracking
  • Stay Connected
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Enhance Security
  • User-Friendly

Secure & Safe School Journey

Smart Bus is the best solution to ensure safe school journey for students. Parents and staff can easily track bus location in real-time and continuous monitoring significantly enhances sthe tudents’ safety. Parents receive notifications when a child boards or deboards the bus or the bus reaches the stop.

Why Choose Our Bus Tracking System?

Unparalleled Features

Unparalleled Features

Our system offers unparalleled features to make sure your students arrive safely to their destination.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

The app allows real-time tracking of student vehicle, making it a perfect choice for any school location.

Live Alerts

Live Alerts

It provides live alerts to administrators if an emergency arises or a bus schedule change is needed.

Use Data

Use Data

Our GPS technology captures data that allows you to track driver performance and plan better routes.

What Our Clients Say


Our motive is to take the education to the next level by helping maximum institutes embrace the latest EdTech advancements.

About our clients

Our motive is to take the education to the next level by helping maximum institutes embrace the latest EdTech advancements.

We love this amazing app that helps us boost our efficiency and gives our school a smart touch. It’s easy to receive and update information as needed, and it keeps teachers, parents and students on the same page. Excellent support system as well.

Joe Reid

SmartStudent App hosts a lot of advanced features. One of the incredible aspects of this technology is it helps in keeping the school in the palm of our hands. Smartphones are inseparable parts of every family and integrating entire school operations and making them easily accessible to all stakeholders is just amazing.

Emmy M.

A go-to app for every school that wants to enhance efficiency, make information available at fingertips, and increase engagement between parents, teachers and students. A great vendor with top-level product.

Ellon James

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