SmartStudent App for Managing Schools Admissions and Enrolments in Canada

SmartStudent App is software used to manage the daily administrative and academic tasks and operations of the school remotely. It not only leads to an increase in the efficiency of work but also helps in providing quick data at your fingertips. Smart Student has a reliable mobile app that gives any time anywhere access to parents’ and students’ information and helps to keep the data safely and securely.

Reasons to choose SMS for managing admissions and enrolments in your institute

  1. Smoother Management

A School Management System is a tool through which processes like-

  • Admission
  • Online fees submission
  • Attendance
  • Online Examination
  • Online classes etc.

get managed smoothly as digitization and automation of these processes leads to efficient working.

  1. Beneficial to all stakeholders

This system will be of great benefit to all as –

  • Parents would easily get updates on students’ academic performance.
  • It would be easy for the admin to keep a track of all the online payments.
  • Students would be able to communicate easily with their other co-mates sitting anywhere 24×7.
  1. Providing a big database for all queries

Admissions play a vital role for the educational institute as a lot of details and documents are involved.

  • A School Management System like SmartStudent App provides a database for bulk data like name, address, course details, payments, etc.
  • It provides a dashboard to monitor, manage and update the data as per your need.
  1. Ease the enrolment process

After the admission process, enrolment is one of the most important factors to be considered.

This system not only helps in systematically analyzing the student data but also helps in simplifying the process of student entries, certificates, etc.

  1. Create Custom forms for your Canadian School

Creating custom forms will help in enrolling the students a few minutes and all the documentation process can be done electronically.

The admission and enrolment process also includes-

  • Online Enquiry Forms
  • Online enrolment and re-enrolment
  • Generating reports at the time of Admission
  • Scheduling Campus Tours
  1. Effective Communication

Communication is the key to all problems. It is very important to have a strong chain of communication among all the stakeholders as it will lead to a good level of coordination between all.

  1. Online Student Information System

SmartStudent App helps in saving all the robust information of the student online. This includes-

  • Student’s Medical information
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Family information
  • Parents information
  • Managing daily attendance sheets of students online
  • Credit and debit card information
  1. Reduce the paperwork and workload

This system boasts a paperless technology as all the information gets stored online and can be updated anytime.

  • The workload of all the employees also gets reduced.
  • Next, the grade books of students are made available to both teachers and students for customizing work or giving grades online.
  1. Alumni Management of students

Apart from maintaining the data via excel sheets, the schools can online manage the alumni via a single dashboard. It can include

  • Alumni contact lists
  • Details
  • Fundraising
  • Contacting through E-mail marketing etc.

The school management system acts like a glue and binds all the stakeholders together by making their work easier and helping all the schools to manage their work effectively. This system is paperless and online, transparent and reliable, communicative and updated, easy and beneficial, and helps the data to run smoothly. After the pandemic, all schools want their information online so our school management system is the best software to use for school admissions and enrolments in Canada via web

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