Keeping track of your student attendance and schedule is just a breeze with SmartStudent App

Reliable attendance software can be a smart investment for any business. What about schools? Some people might believe that such software is only an extravagance and is not required in the majority of schools, however, this is incorrect thinking! Schools are a strong choice for student attendance tracking software since they frequently have more students running around than most businesses’ employees.

What is SmartStudent App?

SmartStudent App is an all-in-one school management software that is designed to meet the needs of everyone in your school, from teachers to guardians or students. Our main goal is to provide an online school administration system with integrated modules that bring parents, students, employees, and teachers on a single digital platform. SmartStudent App is a cloud-based system that is available 24/7. We provide the greatest possible service for a considerably lower cost. Here’s how this online attendance system for students makes things a breeze:

1. Makes the process of tracking attendance easier

There are several ways to keep track of attendance. Many teachers still prefer pen and paper and it can be unreliable without rosters that have already been printed and barcodes that can be scanned. The process of taking attendance can be streamlined and improved and errors can be reduced with the help of our online attendance system for students. Teachers can manage and monitor student attendance data using the SmartStudent APP from desktop and mobile devices.

2 – Real-time attendance tracking

Real-time tracking and archiving of attendance data is made possible by a student attendance tracking system. In addition to tracking student attendance, the system aids school administrators in keeping track of arrival and departure times, lunch breaks, and vacations. As a result, there is no chance for student manipulation of attendance which is ensured to be correct. It is also capable of managing the attendance of teachers and other school staff.

2 – Consistent reporting and evaluation

Your school’s funding is likely based on correct attendance data so why take a chance by manually tracking attendance at the beginning or end of the academic year? You may simply collect and report on attendance data while you’re reporting to your current funding sources or looking for new sources of financing if you have a student attendance tracking system. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be required for data compilation, re-entering, and double-checking for possible errors.

3 – Better accountability

Students frequently manipulate their daily attendance in schools especially in the upper grades by using proxies, buddy punching, or tampering with records. Due to the fact that each person’s biometric information is distinct, using our program makes it practically impossible to make up for an absence. Teachers are able to keep records of their student attendance and then report it to administrators.

4 – Notification to parents

In order to prevent excessive absenteeism, parents must be given attention to every school initiative. Most of the time in the early grades, students frequently don’t show up for class. The proportion of absences will drop considerably if their parents or guardians are notified by SMS or Email of these absences. Use SmartStudent App’s attendance capabilities to help students keep in the classroom. It also develops the punctuality and discipline of the students.

5 – Effectively meet attendance goals

The built-in attendance report system in SmartStuden App makes it simple to locate issues and pinpoint areas that want improvement. Administrators can identify potential issues and ways to improve, for instance, if they notice that a certain group of students or activities has low participation rates, they can insist on improvisation. In the end, this assists you in achieving attendance objectives, such as those required to meet state and federal standards.

Each educational institute needs attendance management software to function effectively in the modern educational environment. The automation of attendance monitoring systems relieves general staff from menial work and makes more room for classroom time that can be used to teach students. SmartStudent App has all the incredible features that help you automate your school operations, digitalize communication and improve overall efficiency.

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