How parents can benefit from school management system in their children’s education?

How parents can benefit from school management system in their children's education_Feature image

Those days are gone when parents waited for the parent-teacher meetings to know the progress of their child. There was a time when the guardians had to wait for months to attend the semester parent teacher meeting, but now that problem has been resolved with the trending concept of the School management system. Although with a gap so long in between the meetings, teachers too weren’t able to communicate all that they wanted.

The school management system closes this communication barrier between parents and teachers. All of the components of an educational institution profit when a school implements the school management software. This includes policymakers, educators, learners, and parents.

We already know how the school management system assists the school administration but, notably, even parents of school students are greatly benefitted by it.

Benefits of school management system for parents

Online Admission

There was a time when the parents had to stand in a queue early morning and had to take holidays from their respective work to collect the admission form. After that the admission form had to be filled and then submitted to the school offline and after much processing the results were announced on a day.

This process used to take much managerial resources and was very time consuming and frustrating.

Now the school management system allows you to do this process digitally using your smart devices. Go to the website, fill in the admission form, upload all the required documents, and be done. School Management system makes the child’s admission process easier.


Notifications sent directly to the Parents

Earlier Circulars were sent through child’s hand and the children were instructed to give to their parents so that get informed for the same.

Teachers can regularly notify parents about how their child is performing in class and in extracurricular activities by using the school administration system. Parents can also receive notifications regarding any event organized by the school and its  fee reminder notification to avoid the late fee and students’ homework.


Online Fees Payment through net banking from anytime and anywhere

Online Fees Payment through net banking from anytime and anywhere - smart student

When the school sends the parents a fee reminder, they may not have to run to the school to pay the fees. But now with the help of the school management system the parents can simply use your smartphone to pay it right away.

If the school has the option of net banking with the help of the school management software, then they can pay the school fees online from wherever they are in the world and at any time they are comfortable with.


Smart Bus

smart student's feature - smart buss

The smart bus app will help you identify the location of the bus any time therefore helping the parents know what time they need to arrive to pick their child up from the bus or informing them if the bus is running late or early. This feature will also help simmer down the parents worries about their ward’s safety.

It’ll also give you an accurate count of the number of students on the bus and their details so if you’re a working parent and you need to check whether your child has reached your home yet or not, this feature is your saviour.


Smart Class

smart student's feature - smart class

Parents also get updated about the work assigned to their child and how he/she is fairing in it.

Smart Class will consist of recordings of the classes/ sessions and teachers can fix appointments with the parents to convey about any concern they have for the child.


Attendance feature

smart student's - Attendance feature

This one is for the parents and the teachers. Taking attendance offline is troublesome as some students arrive late and sometimes the teacher marks the wrong child absent causing the parents to panic.

If we use our online school management system, then the parents can update the teacher about their child’s leaves and teachers can approve them. Teachers can also mark the attendance online therefore instantly updating the parents and the school system.


No need to call a receptionist

Schools usually have a receptionist and the parents of the child usually contact the receptionist in case of any kind of query or an emergency. In this kind of situation sometimes if the receptionist gets more than 2 calls at a time then it will be difficult for her to handle the queries. 

If there is school management software installed in the school then the parents can directly go on the app and type the query and after that the query will be shown on the database so that the school Staff can immediately contact the parents. This will bring much transparency into the system.


Online School Management is the Key to Success:  The whole system helps save up a lot of time allowing the child to be involved in extra co-curricular activities and helping in personality development. It also reduces the stress of the parents and allowing them to let loose. 

Every parent likes seeing what their child is learning and keeping track of their progress. Managing any educational institute is not a piece of cake and besides that managing school affairs like- Admission and library management, student, staff, time table, exams, fee collection inventory, Account etc, are also not easy in this fast growing world. 

Parents are always worried about their child’s performance. Moreover they stay anxious the whole day about their kid’s safety. Therefore school management system makes conventional tasks easier. Hence this software increases a variety of features that improve the overall administration of school.

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