Photo Album

A feature to make everyone a little nostalgic where cherishing memories are stored in form of timeless pictures. It’s divided into two sections - Grades Album and School Album.

Advance Fee

A life savior for those busy accountants who had to keep fee records in thick ledgers until now. It makes it easy for staff to manage and store fee details and transaction summaries.

Staff Attendance

This feature enables schools to take the staff's attendance and track attendance records, including attendance history and number of absents.

Staff Profile

Through this feature, schools can create and maintain profiles of each staff member belonging to different roles and departments.

Staff Meetings

Staff Meetings

It helps schools plan and conduct effective staff meetings, set reminders and send push notifications to all the school staff members.

Emergency Broadcast

Emergency Broadcast

Emergency Broadcasts Messages to the entire school - Staff, Admins, Teachers, Parents and Students. Enhances safety and prevents dangerous situations.